Day #2344 (Sat., June 4, 2016) – Katie’s Dance Performance

My wife woke me up this morning to take care of Bobby while she cleaned up his room. Apparently he choked and threw up over everything in his room. He did this twice on me during the week so it’s not uncommon.

2016-06-04 - Bobby Enjoys ShowToday was the day of Katie’s big dance performance. I took her to the high school early so that we could get seats. Last year we came late and had to park far away from the school. I got some seats in the front row and my wife showed up with Bobby just before the performance started (she was late because she had to clean a stain on Katie’s horse costume). We had a pleasant surprise when Hannah came to the performance as well. Fortunately I had an extra seat so she sat with us. She can still make Bobby cry by merely looking at him.

Katie danced in the opening performance and was also a “horse” near the end of the show. You can see Bobby enjoying the show in the photo to the left. When she got off stage I gave her the flowers I got at Trader Joe’s last night. My wife had to leave to put Bobby to bed but Katie wanted to stay to see some other dance performances so we stayed for an extra hour or so. She accidentally got some chocolate on the horse costume she was wearing so off to the washer it goes again…

When I got home I promptly drove to Lowe’s to pick up a lighter wood stain for the sign we are going to hang on the mailbox. I then drove to Trader Joe’s to get some more supplies.