Day #2346 (Mon., June 6, 2016) – Lipstick On A Seal

My wife took Katie to school this morning and then on to work so I stayed with Bobby til Cameron came at 8am. He’s still a bit afraid of her and started to cry when I left him alone but I’m sure he’ll adjust. She has our phone numbers in case she needs us. I’m told that he calmed down soon after I left.

2016-06-06 - Seal LipstickMy wife gave Katie a bit of makeup as she was on stage last Saturday. Katie decided that her seal needed a bit of a makeup job as well (see photo to the right).

Lucy called this evening about Ginger, Genevieve & Steven’s dog. He has been roaming around the neighborhood. Apparently they went to Pennsylvania for a wedding and their flight was delayed so Ginger didn’t have anyone to take care of him today. My wife ended up taking him back home. Katie poked her head out of bed to tell us that the noise were were making was why she was unable to sleep.