Day #2347 (Tue., June 7, 2016) – Dance Class Party

This morning was a repeat of yesterday. My wife took Katie to school and I stayed with Bobby til Cameron came at 8am. Yet again he cried when I left the house.

I got home just before 5pm today. Cameron had fed Bobby and was trying to put him to bed but he would not go. I took over and fed him some more and gave him milk and he still would not got. When my wife got home from dance class with Katie we were finally able to put him to bed.

2016-06-07 - Drinkable YogurtDance class tonight was really more of a party than an actual dance class now that the recital is over. It will be interesting to see if Katie does want to go to dance class next year. She seems to really like it when she is there but the thought of going is dissuading her…

I’ve started to give Bobby the empty drinkable yogurt bottles after Katie is done drinking the contents (see photo to the right). He loves to try to screw and unscrew the cap.

Bobby is such a determined child. He is so strong that it is hard to even put his diaper on him now. She will wiggle and squirm until he gets free.