Day #2348 (Wed., June 8, 2016) – Katie’s Report Card

2016-08-08 - Gator GreenI drove Katie to school this morning…her last day at school in kindergarten class. Where does the time go. They are having everyone dress up in “Gator Green” to celebrate the occasion (see photo to the right).

Katie got her report card today. She excelled in most things but is still struggling with math. Quite interesting given her parents who are deeply involved in the math world. My wife plans to test her on this every day this summer and feels confident that she will be an expert by the time she enters grade one.

My wife put Bobby to bed this evening while I read a story to Katie. This is a new book that my wife bought and is the story behind the dance recital that Katie was part of last Saturday. As I was tucking her in I tried to emphasize the importance of summer vacation and how she should really enjoy it. I told her that as adults we all think back to our summer vacations during our school years as the best times of our lives.

Tonight was another night in which it was hard to put Bobby to bed. To make matters worse, he choked on some crackers and threw up all over my pants. Nice… This is the third time he has thrown up on me this week…some sort of a record.