Day #2349 (Thu., June 9, 2016) – Day #1 Of Summer Break!

No school for Katie today as this is day #1 of her summer break. As a result I got to sleep in a bit and then leave for work…kind of like the old pre-school days.

By the banging next door it sounds like Mike & Jui-Lan are getting a new roof.

When I got home from work Izzy was there. Cameron had to leave early today so Izzy took over. Izzy changed her hair style so I barely recognized her.

2016-06-09 - Paint By NumberI asked Katie if she enjoyed her first day of summer vacation. She told me that Cameron took her to her place and she found a snail. Later in the day Izzy took her to her house and they played with her two “puppies” (as Katie calls them).

A number of “paint-by-number” kits came in the mail for Katie this evening. That should keep her busy this summer. She messed up the eye on her pony but we were amazed at how she corrected it (see photo to the left).

Bobby got into the box of his squishable baby food and threw it all over the kitchen floor this evening. I don’t think we have any idea of how messy raising a boy is going to be…