Day #2350 (Fri., June 10, 2016) – Bobby Needs To See An Optometrist

My wife took the kids to see Dr. Homan this morning. He saw something interesting on Bobby’s eye and wants him to see an optometrist. It was to turn out to be nothing, but we were worried for a time.

2016-06-10 - FlooringThe photo to the right shows the flooring at the gym I attend. I’m thinking that it would be a nice floor covering in our basement one day. It seems like this is something that is at the very end of our “to do” list.

My wife and I went out to lunch at Cholenad, and Indian restaurant in Chapel Hill. The last time we were here was just before Bobby was born.

I had my shirt off this evening and Bobby was fascinated with my nipple. He gave it a grab and I screamed which caused him to cry. He’s got quite the grip…it sure hurt.

Katie wanted me to make her a hot dog this evening.