Day #2359 (Sun., June 19, 2016) – Father’s Day

2016-06-19 - Bobby Finds A StickToday is Father’s Day. We totally forgot about it. It was not really marketing this year like it has been in past years. My wife had Katie make a card for me.

Bobby is 100% boy. He loves his sticks (see photo to the left).

We all stayed home and rested and recuperated. I made some blondies treats and Katie and I played “Word Search”. I asked her to give me the names of 10 animals and I made a little matrix where she could find the words. It was a bit difficult for her so I made her a simpler one.

Bobby had some cheese today and really liked it. I think he’s tired of his regular ole’ mush.

The Cleveland Cavaliers ended the drought of Cleveland teams with an NBA title this evening.