Day #2363 (Thu., June 23, 2016) – Another Knee Doctor

2016-06-23 - Bath MessBoth Bobby & Katie love to take baths…but they can sure make a mess (see photo to the right).

As I was leaving for work this morning Katie was on the stairs to the basement playing with a toaster? I joked and told her to stay out of the toaster…

My wife was able to set me up with an appointment with another knee doctor today.  This new one has an office three doors down from her.  We lost confidence in our other knee doctor when he didn’t seem to know what the problem was…

My wife sent out a pool invite to the kids in Katie’s Glenood Class:

Hi Everybody,

Tomorrow Katie is going to the AD Clark pool at 11:15 AM – 1:45 PM (during their open swim hours). Would other kids like to join for a swim-date?

It’s a FREE public pool located at 216 N. Roberson Street, Chapel Hill, 27516 (Hargraves Canter Park, where we recently had a Glenwood MAC potluck). I am attaching the pool schedule. They allow beach balls/noodles in the pool, but not inflatable floatation devices.

It’s interesting to see Bobby running (or toddling) about these days. He has his head down and is he ever quick. My wife says he is “On a mission”…