Day #2364 (Fri., June 24, 2016) – Bobby’s Eyes Are Fine

2016-06-24 - At The Eye DoctorMy wife took Bobby to the eye doctor this morning. Katie is fascinated with all the instrumentation and wanted to go along as well. I was going to take Katie a brownie to eat on the ride over but they had left before I could cut it out of the pan. The photo to the right shows the kids coloring at the eye doctor’s office.

My wife got a kick out of the notes that the eye doctor made about Bobby:
DISPOSITION: This patient’s mood is pleasant and sociable.
ORIENTATION: Patient is fully alert to time, place, and person. Recent and remote memory is fully intact.

It turns out that Bobby’s eyes are fine. The optometrist did say that it is the close viewing of electronics, like a video on a cell phone, that is not good. We’re going to try to keep this at a minimum and try to keep Bobby from walking up to the television to view it as well.