Day #2367 (Mon., June 27, 2016) – Katie Knows “Symmetry”

I took the morning off work this morning. My wife took Katie to a math class at the library so I tended Bobby til she returned. Katie was very excited as she knew the answer to something that nobody else in the class knew…”Symmetry”. I guess my wife was teaching her this yesterday by coincidence. She got a nice little notebook as an “attendance” prize.

Bobby was very active this morning. It’s good that my knee is starting to feel better. He bit the end off of a marker so his mouth had a nice blue lipstick color with a little drool of spit down one side of his mouth… Lovely!

2016-06-27 - Green ChairWhen I got home this evening the van was gone and it was getting late. As it turns out my wife went to get Genevieve’s kids from daycare for her since she is so sick. We ended up taking care of Gunther for a bit this evening…we know Genevieve appreciates it. He sat on the floor next to Katie and ate the tomato, egg, and peanut butter sandwich meal that my wife made for them. We even offered for her to come over to our place so we could take care of her as well but she felt she was too much of a bother.

Bobby didn’t want to eat his mush this evening but he sure enjoyed the shreaded cheese that I gave him. He sure enjoyed jumping up and down on the green kid’s chair (see photo to the right) that my wife brought in for them.