Day #2368 (Tue., June 28, 2016) – Building The White House

2016-06-28 - White HouseHelen came over for a play date with Katie this morning. They ended up creating that “White House” via the kit that I picked up at Trader Joe’s on Saturday (see photo to the left). My wife said it took them about an hour and was a fun activity that they could do together.

This afternoon my wife took Katie and Bobby to Kidzoo. They stopped off at Chick-Fil-A and I guess that Bobby really loved the grilled chicken nuggets they got. He managed to find some elderly Chinese man to hold him on his knee? My wife said that Bobby was all over Kidzoo and was running around from this exhibit to the other. He tends to love things that Katie really didn’t care for. He loved the contraption that sucks up the balls and was mesmerized by the climbing wall.

When I got home from work Gabbie was at our house playing with Katie. It didn’t take long before they got into a fight. Apparently Katie was upset that Gabbie didn’t recognize her ability to talk to animals. We tried to mend the fences by telling Katie that Gabbie was moving away and this could very well be the last time that they will see each other.

Bobby sure loves cheese…a stick of cheddar as opposed to shreaded cheese. He practically grabbed one out of my hand when I sat down so I had to give him a piece.

We got the personalized cookie cutters in the mail today. We can put “Katie Bake” on the dog bone biscuits that Katie will be making for the dogs in the neighborhood.