Day #2369 (Wed., June 29, 2016) – Bye Bye Gabby

Gabby’s parents are moving today. They left their cars in our driveway to get them out of the way. Gabby came over to play in the afternoon so that is one less thing they need to worry about. They had this strange moving company that parked the main truck 50 miles away. They filled up three separate smaller trucks and drove the loads back and forth to the main truck. Weird…

2016-06-29 - Cookie CuttersThe photo to the right shows the various personalized cookie cutters that came yesterday.

My wife took both kids to the pool near Katie’s pre-school today. I guess Bobby was scared of the water at first but soon calmed down. Miss Barbara thinks that Katie will be swimming by the end of the summer.

Both Gabby and Gunther were at our house when I got home from work.

Wife takes kids to pool. Katie swimming by end of summer. Steven was bringing dinner for Gunther but when he was late my wife make him an almond butter sandwich. Gabby’s parents brought us some food from the Mediterranean Deli as a way of saying “thanks” for taking care of Gabby for them. Gabby and Katie didn’t fight today…which was nice given this is probably the last time they will ever see each other.

Bobby has been getting up on the Lego table courtesy of the toy piano next to it. He sure doesn’t seem to have any fear of heights…