Day #2372 (Sat., July 2, 2016) – Making Doggie Treats

Katie Bake v1.00I made doggie treats with Katie today…effectively Daddy/Daughter Day #47. We made three sizes, with the larger size having the words “Katie Bake” on them. We then put them in a zip log bag with the message you can see in the photo to the left. The final step was to put them out on a table at the end of a driveway with a sign “Free Dog Treats”.

I had to stop by Kidzoo this afternoon to pick up our membership card. We can use it for a big discount at Marbles Museum when we go. I stopped by Chick-Fil-A and got some nuggets for the kids and a couple of cool wraps for my wife and I. Both Katie and Bobby love those nuggets.

Katie was very excited to see that she got two messages this evening from Lucy and Katie (Zach’s dog walker). They both said that they loved the doggie treats.