Day #2374 (Mon., July 4, 2016) – July 4th Pary & Parade In Carrboro

2016-07-04 - Banana SplitMy wife took Katie to a 4th of July party & parade in Carrboro this morning so I tended to Bobby. They didn’t get home til about 1:30pm so it was quite the adventure for Bobby and I. Bobby ended up sleeping from 11am to 12:30pm. There was a bouncy house that Katie really enjoyed spending time in. They had a photo booth as well and took all kinds of zany 4th of July photos.

This afternoon we bundled up the kids and drove out to Maple View Dairy Farm for a banana split (see photo to the right). That has become somewhat of a tradition. We also got Katie a chocolate milk and a “double chocolate” cone as well. Bobby ate some of our banana and had a taste of ice cream as well.

It was overcast when we arrived but the sun soon came out and boy did it ever get hot. Katie met a couple who had two Scotty dogs so she was in her glory. She lead one of them around the picnic tables and field by a red leash.

This evening we watched some “BattleBots” on television. Bobby loves the show as much as Katie if not more. He’s all boy.