Day #2375 (Tue., July 5, 2016) – Cameron Not Back

We thought that Cameron would be back to take care of the kids today but it will be tomorrow. She’s driving back home from her vacation today.

I picked up a CD of X-rays and other medical records at the office of the guy who did my knee surgery. I”m going to take them to another surgeon on Monday to get a second opinion.

My wife decided that she would have a productive day and ran errands around town returning things she had bought and other little tasks. She took both kids and it was great for them to get out and see new sights and sounds. I guess Bobby especially enjoyed it. We find that we don’t take him out as much as we used to take Katie when she was his age…just too much going on. He is such a happy child and will run about smiling and greeting people.

My wife called me up at work. Katie wanted to speak to me. Something about Katie hurting her finger in door or Bobby or “something” like that. At any rate she was crying so I told her that I would bring her a present. When I arrived home I had a handful of Twizzlers and gave them to her. I should have waited as it disrupted her dinner, but at least she was not crying.

This evening I found another YouTube video that Bobby just loves…the “Witch Doctor” song (see photo to the right). He will just sit and stare at it…mesmerized.