Day #2380 (Sun., July 10, 2016) – Wyatt Birthday Pool Party

2016-07-10 - CalendarKatie is really into calendars these days. She has one that hangs on her wall (see photo to the left) and she will dutifully mark off the days and put her special events on it.

My wife took Katie to Wyatt’s pool party at the UNC farm this afternoon while I tended to Bobby. I guess that the party had a lot of “Finding Dora” games (based on the movie that just came out). My wife found some time to do laps in the pool as this is great for her back.

Bobby is getting more of a handful to take care of as he is much more mobile these days. He played in the wading pool on the patio for a while and I took him for a drive up and down the driveway in my car. He even found a stick that he could poke the cat with. By the time my wife got home my leg was sore so I went to bed for a nap.

I went to get milk at WholeFoods this evening but I was too tired for Trader Joe’s as well.