Day #2381 (Mon., July 11, 2016) – Day Camp At Spence’s Farm

2016-07-11 - Fairy BookThe photo to the left shows one of the “fairy books” that Katie is reading. We will take turns reading it as I put her to bed in the evening.

My wife took Katie to Spence’s farm this morning. I wanted her to take her on the first day in case there was more paperwork or questions that needed to be answered. This week she will get to learn about horses and there will be a swim in afternoon as well. When I got home from work she told me that she got to brush and ride a horse but only the older kids were allowed to tend to the horse’s hoofs.

I had quite a surprise today at work. My boss has decided to leave and go back to his former company.

We have shopping to do but I was just too tired for Trader Joe’s this evening. Hopefully I’ll be able to go tomorrow night.

We’ve decided to return the leg cooling unit I got from Amazon a few days ago. Without a motor in this unit there is no way to circulate the cool water.

Since we no longer have a high chair we will not be able to feed Bobby in front of the television. This will mean that Bobby will get less television viewing time, which is great, but it will sure be a lot harder to feed him now.