Day #175 (Sun., June 27, 2010) – Fussy Mussy

Little Katie started to squawk just after 7am today and I went into her nursery to change her. She was on her stomach…first time I found her like that.

2010-06-27 - Baby Cereal
2010-06-27 - Baby Cereal

Little Katie really likes the little flower on her activity station that makes the ratchet sound. It sounds a lot like the sound that the adjustable lamp makes…maybe that is why she is so attracted to it.

The photo to the right shows two types of baby cereal. We are planning to start feeding little Katie solid food next week and are gradually getting ready. We will start with sweet potato…then carrot…then this “rice cereal”.

We had another Skype session with my mother this afternoon. Little Katie was on her tummy playing with her little baby toy piano. My mother can already see the growth in her.

My mother-in-law was holding little Katie this afternoon as she was teething and “goo-goo-ing”. I replied in a “goo-goo” fashion and she responded. First time she has ever done that.

Little Katie has been fussy all day. It’s 8:20pm and she is in the playyard now…sucking on her pacifier and making making various vocal sounds. All of a sudden out comes the sound of a #2…and she is calm. No sign of a #2…perhaps it was all gas. We all had tacos the other day…and now we all have to suffer!


1) Little Katie was a fussy mussy all day today.