Day #176 (Mon., June 28, 2010) – Card With A Baby Face

Up and about early this morning and off to work. I didn’t get the chance to see little Katie before I left.

2010-06-28 - Card With Baby Face
2010-06-28 - Card With Baby Face

We are targeting this Friday or Saturday to be the first day that little Katie will be eating solid food. Why? Because I will be home from work. In that way we will both be here when little Katie takes her first bites of solid food. My wife is thinking that her first solid food will be organic sweet potatoes…so I guess I will be going to Trader Joe’s on Friday. Our little Katie is growing up…

I was having dinner this evening and there was a card (i.e.: little baby book) with the face of a baby next to me (see the photo to the left). Little Katie was on my wife’s lap. I started to dance the card on the edge of the table and little Katie let out this huge screech. She seems to really like the faces of babies. She is equally fond of her French doll and baby doll that talks.

I was going to take a photo of the card right after dinner…but could not locate the camera. Where could it be?


1) Little Katie loves to look at baby faces.