Day #230 (Sat., Aug 21, 2010) – Talkative Little Katie

My mother-in-law will be leaving in a week, and my wife is busy studying, so I drove my mother-in-law around town so that she could pick up some souvenirs and such.

2010-08-21 - Toy While Eating
2010-08-21 - Toy While Eating

The photo to the left shows another toy that my wife picked up at the sale last night. We will utilize it sometimes when trying to feed little Katie. It seems to calm her down and distract her enough to “shovel” another spoonful of “mush” in… As you can see the outline is of a barn, but there are all kinds of little gizmos to play with. Ball, a barrel, and even a cow…

We had another Skype Session with my mother this afternoon. She would say “Hi Katie” on the phone and little Katie would respond with “goo goo”, “gaa gaa”, or “phoosh”…whatever felt appropriate at the time. I showed her the new piano that my wife picked up last night.

1) Little Katie can make all kinds of sounds these days.