Day #311 (Wed., Nov. 10, 2010) – The Twirling Ball

I got some emails from my wife this afternoon. The first one read:

It’s 5 pm and I am trying hard to put Katie to bed… If I succeed then I will go to bed myself – I am almost fainting…

And 15 minutes later…

No luck there – chipmunk is up and running… 🙁

2010-11-10 - Food Stains
2010-11-10 – Food StainsThis evening I was twirling a ball on top of the diaper box in the playyard. Little Katie was fascinated by it. She is teething again…not a very pleasant experience (for all three of us I might add).

We tried to feed little Katie this evening by having her balance on my lap while my wife tried to put food into her mouth. The end result? The yogurt ended up on my shirt (see photo to the right).

7:45pm – Little Katie finally went to bed. She cries and screams at first…but she is so tired that she just can’t hold her head up anymore…

I cleaned up the playyard tonight. I actually took some toys out of it because it was getting so cluttered. My wife says that as soon as she gets up she plays with the diaper box.

9:00pm (ish) – Little Katie is up and running again. She was crying and fussy and when it gets this bad we resort to our secret weapon…the ride in the car. We rode out to Apex and back and she was much more manageable. When we got home she ate and went to bed.

1) Little Katie loves twirling balls on top of the diaper box.