Day #312 (Thu., Nov. 11, 2010) – Bimbo The Birthday Clown

My wife sent me the following email note while I was at work.

Katie’s appetite is much better today – she ate the whole portion of veggies+beef, then a few more tea-spoons of prunes+oatmeal. And since she wouldn’t sleep, I gave her a few spoons of cottage cheese + yogurt. Wow…

2010-11-11 - Target Diapers
2010-11-11 – Target Diapers

I stopped off at Trader Joe’s on the way home from work today. We needed some organic beef, organic yogurt, and organic bananas for little Katie.

When I got home there was a big box of diapers from Target (see photo to the left). That should last little Katie for at least a month.

Each evening before I hold and play with little Katie I wash my hands. My wife started me with this routine. There are so many germs around you can never be too careful. It’s 8:57pm and we are boiling pacifiers. With little Katie dropping them and “whatever” heaven knows what germs they have amassed.

Little Katie was playing in the playyard this evening and one of the soft books with velcro accidentally got attached to her back. Here was our little chipmunk, running around the playyard turning on and off various electronic devices, with a velcro soft book in tow.

I was singing “Bimbo the Birthday Clown” to little Katie this evening. She stared at me like “what in the world was that”.

1) Little Katie got introduced to my version of Bimbo the Birthday Clown this evening.