Day #332 (Wed., Dec. 1, 2010) – New Playground Equipment

I was playing with little Katie in the playyard this evening and she crawled on top of me to give me a kiss. My wife made the comment that she feeds her, baths her, and puts her to sleep…and she gives daddy the kiss. Go figure.

2010-12-01 - Heron
2010-12-01 - Heron

We have often seen a blue heron when we take little Katie on a stroll around the lake in our neighborhood. The photo to the right shows an “upclose” look. It appears that they seeded that lake with fish at some point, and they have bred enough to provide a nice meal for our little heron friend. Funny…there doesn’t seem to be another heron around. Looks like this one has these fishing waters all to himself. UPDATE at 9:04pm…my wife is reading the blog and told me that she has seen two of them from time-to-time…

They have dug up and carted away the little playground near our Home Owners Association Headquarters. They are planning on bringing and installing “new and improved” equipment. Little Katie will have some new stuff to play with in the spring time when she is able to walk and run and take full advantage of it.

1) Little Katie will have new playground equipment in the spring.