Day #351 (Mon., Dec. 20, 2010) – Knaw On My Knuckles

We’re running a bit behind. We have to have everything organized and ready to go by Friday morning for our flight to Canada. Lots to do…

2010-12-20 - Rolling Block
2010-12-20 - Rolling Block

We have a mattress on the floor in the main bedroom. Our plan is to put everything on it that we will need for the trip. In this way, when the time comes, we will be able to just “stuff” it into a suitcase and off we go. That’s the plan at any rate…

While I was playing with little Katie this evening she started to knaw on my knuckles. That hurt! I guess she is still in “teething mode”.

10:07pm and I can still hear the “Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta” from the living room. Guess our little chipmunk is not ready for bed just yet.

1) Little Katie started to knaw on my knuckles this evening.