Day #352 (Tue., Dec. 21, 2010) – The Jar Of Cotton Balls

My wife got her “employment authorization card” today, so she went out to Chapel Hill to show it to the international student office. Little Katie went along for the ride and stole the show (as usual). One woman made a compliment about her lips. Another woman made a compliment about her cheeks. Yet another woman said that little Katie would be an opera singer one day (even though she was as quiet as a mouse). As my wife says, it went on and on and on…

2010-12-21 - Cotton Balls
2010-12-21 - Cotton Balls

My wife emailed me while I was at work. She noticed that little Katie all of a sudden went quiet in the nursery. This usually means one of two things. Either she has fallen asleep or is up to “no good”. When my wife peeked in little Katie had managed to grab the jar of cotton balls and had thrown them all around her crib. You can see the devastation in the photo to the right.

Little Katie picked up the book of foam shapes. She plucked them out and threw them across the playyard. I am reminded of the ancient scriptures that state “I am chipmunk, destroyer of worlds”…

This evening my wife showed little Katie a book with six separate and distinct animals on the cover: a duckling, a parrot, a pig, a fish, a zebra, etc. She asked little Katie where the fish was. She thought a bit, examined all of the animals, and showed her the correct answer. She did that for all 6 of them! Then, on another page, she asked her where the giraffe was and she got that answer right as well. She sure is growing up!!!

1) Little Katie got into the jar of cotton balls today.