Day #354 (Thu., Dec. 23, 2010) – Jose Feliciano

They let us off work at noon today so we could have a bit of a longer holiday season. That was nice…now I will have a bit more time to pack for our trip tomorrow.

I was watching a bit of the Jimmy Fallon show courtesy of TiVo this afternoon. Jose Feliciano started to play the song Feliz Navidad (here’s the exact clip courtesy of YouTube). Little Katie was mesmerized. I played it 3 or 4 times for her. She sure loves music.

2010-12-23 - Spec Of Something
2010-12-23 - Spec Of Something

I pushed the diaper boxes away from the side of the playyard so that little Katie would be able to climb up on them easier. I think that if given a choice between reading a book or climbing she wold choose climbing…but it would be a very close call.

When little Katie climbed up onto the diaper boxes she saw some sort of a brown spec (see photo to the right) on top of them. She tried to scratch it away with her finger, but it would not budge. Maybe it needs a bit of moisture? She figured that her tongue would do the trick. Yeech….

We got a harness in the mail today to aid little Katie in her attempts to walk. It will reduce the stress on our lower backs, so it’s quite a neat contraption. I guess we know what we will be doing in the airport now…

1) Little Katie loves Jose Feliciano music…