Day #365 (Mon., Jan. 3, 2011) – Light Switch “Off”

I’m still fighting the flu, so I decided that I would take today off work. My wife is getting a cold or “something”. Hopefully she is not getting what I got.

2011-01-03 - Back In My Own CribLittle Katie is gradually returning to her former self. She is becoming less fussy and is generally happy to be back home with all her regular surroundings and toys…especially her crib (see photo to the left).

6:50pm – My wife was putting little Katie to bed and brought her to see me in the bedroom. Little Katie saw the light switch and turned it “off”. This is the first time we saw her do this. I guess we are going to have to get used to having light switches in the “off” position from now on.

Today is the last day of little Katie’s first year. From the outset I decided that I would stop calling her “little” after her first year. She will now be just “Katie” (and of course “Chipmunk”). Our little girl is growing up..

1) Little Katie learned how to turn a light switch off this evening.