Day #476 (Sun., Apr. 24, 2011) – Easter Egg Hunt

Katie got up around 6am this morning and my wife brought her in to me. I played with Katie while my wife had a nice long sleep. I was a tough night for her. Katie and I played and played but I could not get her to eat. She did eat when my wife got up just before 9am and soon went to bed for a long, long nap.

2011-04-24 - Egg Organizing
2011-04-24 - Egg Organizing

When Katie got up about 12:30pm we had an Easter Egg Hunt. We placed hollow plastic Easter Eggs around the house with pits of cheerios in them. She enjoyed opening up the eggs to get all the goodies, putting them into her plastic Easter basket, then organizing them on her pink tray afterwards (see photo to the right). We did a Skype so that my mother could see all the fun.

This afternoon we went to a park in Apex. Katie enjoyed walking around the lake and patting the various dogs. I’m glad we got the leash for her…we needed it.

This evening Katie said “cup” for the very first time. She also ran back and forth between my wife and I to get a hug. We remarked how much more affectionate she is becoming.

1) Katie hunted for Easter Eggs for the first time this morning.