Day #483 (Sun., May 1, 2011) – A Hat For Teddy

2011-05-01 - Hat For Teddy
2011-05-01 - Hat For Teddy

When I got up this morning I made a hat for teddy. As soon as she saw it Katie said “hat” and pointed to the top of her head. Hat is here “all encompassing term” for when something is on the head. She will say “hat” if she sees the girls on Lawrence Welk dressed up in bunny suits with ears flopping about, or if someone on television happens to have a large hairdoo, or of course, whenever she sees someone with a hat. Oh, you can see teddy’s hat in the photo to the right…

We had a Skype with my mother this afternoon. Katie showed her her crayons and markers.

This afternoon I took Katie for a walk around the neighborhood. She was fine walking down, but daddy had to carry her all the way back. My wife noticed that she doesn’t seem to want to walk like she did. She would rather sit down and eat rocks! While on our walk Katie saw a guy washing his truck with a power washer. She was fascinated with this and it was hard to get her to move on. She loves cars and trucks. She is always going up to them and tapping their hubcaps.

I took Katie to our bedroom this evening so that we could watch a bit of “Oobi”. As soon as I turned the television on something was up. They were saying that the President would be on soon with a national security announcement. I called my wife, who was debugging her thesis code, and we waited for the announcement. It was supposed to be at 10:30pm but it kept getting delayed. My wife brought the high chair into my room and started to feed Katie. Around 11:30pm President Obama came on and said that Osama Bin Laden had been killed.

1) Katie has a new hat for teddy.