Day #500 (Wed., May 18, 2011) – “Horshe”

My wife brought Katie into the bedroom this morning. She climbed up on the bed, pointed at her rocking horse and said “Horshe”. We clapped and she smiled. Just to make sure this was not a coincidence, I asked her if she could say horse. She looked at my wife and I and said “Horshe” again. We clapped and laughed and she got all excited. Our little girl is growing up…and growing up fast!

2011-05-18 - Turtle Sandbox Cover
2011-05-18 - Turtle Sandbox Cover

Here it is, Day #500. My oh my time sure flies…

Katie loves to play in the lid of the green turtle sandbox (see photo to the left).

Our Swiss Gear Canopy came this afternoon. I spent most of the evening putting it up. We still need to deal with a gutter to deal with the rainwater, and duct taping the areas where the “bugs” can get in, but it is almost there.

Katie was a bit scared of the drill. When I turned it on she started to cry at one point. I guess all this noise from this new device is rather startling to a new baby.

1) Katie said “Horshe” today.