Day #501 (Thu., May 19, 2011) – Swiss Gear Canopy Is “Up”

2011-05-19 - Swiss Gear Canopy
2011-05-19 - Swiss Gear Canopy

I finished off the Swiss Gear Canopy today. There is a gutter to deal with any rain that may come our way, and the entrance is all “duct taped” up to keep all the creepy crawlies out. My wife and our babysitter finished duct taping the rest of the assembly. You can see the finished product in the photo to the left.

Katie seems to follow me around all the time with a “book” these days. She will come up to me with a book and say “Hup” (or “Up” in baby lingo). This means that she wants me to pick her up, put her on my lap, and read a story to her.

As Katie was eating her dinner this evening a horse came on the television. Katie replied “Horshe”.

It appears that Katie will utter “bash” when she is referring to “bath”. She was saying the word this evening before we gave her a bath.

As I was giving Katie a bath this evening I noticed that she has learned something new. When she fills her cup with a hole in the bottom up, and raises it from the water, it will pour out a stream of water. She finds the flowing water quite fascinating.

1) Katie.