Day #509 (Fri., May 27, 2011) – Our Small Pop Up Gazebo

Small Pop Up Gazebo
Small Pop Up Gazebo

Katie was playing on the edge of the bed this morning and accidentally fell and hit the back of her head. Good thing it wasn’t too big of a fall, so after a bit of hugs and kisses she was fine. I figured we had better take some action to ensure that this doesn’t happen again, so I put down some interlinking mats just in case…

How will our small pop up gazebo (see link and photo to the left) fare in a huge rainstorm? We are going to have a test later on today…

Katie Misses Roaming Our Small Pop Up Gazebo

2011-05-27 - Canvas Gutter
2011-05-27 - Canvas Gutter

It has been raining for most of the day so we didn’t let Katie out onto the patio to enjoy our pop up gazebo. Perhaps as a direct result, Katie is being “rather difficult” this evening. She loves to pour her sippy cup upside down and let the milk fall out onto the floor. To make matters worse, she will run around the house like this with momma in hot pursuit. Katie thinks that it is great fun as she runs around and laughs and cackles. For those of us who have to clean up the mess it is not so much fun.

The canvas gutter system that I installed yesterday (see photo to the right) did the trick during the rain this afternoon.

In order to calm Katie down a bit we decided to take a drive this evening. She didn’t sleep, but just being out in the fresh air and seeing the sights seems to calm her down. It was raining for most of the day so this was the first time she was able to get out. Maybe there is a direct correlation between her fussiness and getting outside? We’ll have to keep an eye on this.


1) Katie missed being able to roam around our small pop up gazebo today.

2) Katie loves to pour out the contents of her sippy cup onto the floor and run around with it.