Day #508 (Thu., May 26, 2011) – Thomas The Train Rain Boots

Thomas The Train Rain BootsI came across some Thomas The Train Rain Boots online today. In yesterday’s post we mentioned that Katie would love to see the Thomas The Train layout at our local hobby store. Well, take a look at the link and photo to the left. How would these Thomas The Train Rain Boots fair? We know that she is scared of her yellow rubber boots, perhaps she will warm up to these friendly pair of boots when Thomas is on them… A definite plus in the “potential” Christmas gift category…

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I took Katie to the fruit and vegetable stand down the road this morning to get some strawberries. My wife stayed home to study so it was “chipmunk and me” time. We got some strawberries, peaches, squash, and tomatoes. I had to put Katie on her leash as she was eager to run away and check out the cars in the parking lot. On the drive home all she would say was “Bosh”, “Bosh”, “Bosh” (which is her word for strawberry).

2011-05-26 - Strawberry Stand
2011-05-26 – Strawberry Stand

We realized that we were out of goat’s milk this evening so I made a quick run to Trader Joe’s. When Katie gets up in the middle of the night a nice sippy cup full of goat’s milk is one of the things that will help to calm her down enough to go back to bed. We figured we had better not risk it.

I put our new canvas canopy gutter that we got from Sam’s Club on the patio canopy this evening. There is supposed to be a rainstorm tonight, so I wanted to get it up to see how it will perform. I’ll let you know… I went to Lowe’s this evening to check out the other gutter systems, so we might be purchasing one of them soon. Having said that, I think the current system will work just fine…

10:40pm and our Katie is still up. She is crawling in and out the various legs of the coffee table in front of me right now. My wife is putting her to bed…let’s see how this goes…


1) Would Katie be afraid of the Thomas The Train Rain Boots ?

2) Definite gift potential –> Thomas The Train Rain Boots