Day #511 (Sun., May 29, 2011) – Electric Grill

Masterbuilt 20150209 Electric Grill
Masterbuilt 20150209 Electric Grill

Here it is, Memorial Day Weekend. I was thinking about getting an electric grill for the patio. The Masterbuilt electric grill shown in the photo to the right looks like a good buy. We won’t be able to get it before this Memorial Day weekend is over, but perhaps by the next one…

1:30am – Katie is up and running. She has been real fussy as of late. Time for a drive. I was exhausted but what needs to be done needs to be done. She has been running around with sleeping sacks in her mouth as of late…I guess she is still teething.

I recorded a concert from Vienna on PBS last night (i.e.: Andre Rieu: Live In Vienna) and Katie loves it. There is one segment in the show in which people get up and dance. Katie will move her head back and forth in her highchair…swaying to the music. Looks like we will be keeping this one…

2011-05-29 - Baby Canadian Geese
2011-05-29 - Baby Canadian Geese

I took Katie for a stroll around the lake this morning. Was it ever hot! I let her get out and roam around for a bit. This is the first time she got to see some baby Canadian Geese (see photo to the left). She tried to pick up some geese droppings so I was quick to say “no” and wash off her hands… Yeech!!! Time for a good washing when we get home!

We were having a swim in the pool this afternoon when she accidentally slipped on the water. The pool has inflatable sides and a rubber bottom so there was no damage done…but it startled her a bit. She loves to help daddy pour the water from the bucket into the pool. She is such a helpful chipmunk.

I got a little Spiderman towel from the Dollar Store that will expand when you put it into water. It did…but it was not much more than a facecloth in the final analysis.

Katie is into her coloring books and crayons these days. She is not content to just draw on her own mind you…she will say “pach” when she wants you to join in on the coloring.

My wife was trying to put Katie to bed this evening and all of a sudden she went our to the patio. We thought that she wanted to play some more, but she was in fact gathering her sleeping sacks. Once she had retrieved them she marched down to the nursery.

My how time flies. Last year at this time Katie was busy in her Jumperoo!

1) Too late to get an electric grill for this Memorial Day…