Day #512 (Mon., May 30, 2011) – Katie Crayola Crayon Costume

Childrens Red Crayola Crayon Costume
Childrens Red Crayola Crayon Costume

I found this Crayola Crayon Costume online. I’m thinking a bit ahead for what we will dress our little chipmunk up as for Halloween this year. She is really into crayons these days, so this could be a good bet if she keeps this fascination up… You can see a photo and link to the costume in the picture to the right. I see that it fits children sizes: Small (Fits most sizes 4-6X), Medium (Fits most sizes 7-10). We’ll have to wait and see…

Katie is no longer content to draw and color on her own. She wants you to join in. A scream of “pach” from the high chair means that our little chipmunk wants mommy or daddy to come over and draw and color with her.

2011-05-30 - Old Navy Shoes
2011-05-30 - Old Navy Shoes

This evening we decided to go to Moe’s for dinner. They have a special on Joey Burrito’s on Monday, and Katie is always eager to go there. As soon as I said “do you want to go out” she was at the gate waiting to go downstairs.

After dinner we decided to take Katie to the park off Maynard Street that we saw on the way to Moe’s. Katie slipped while there so we decided to take her to the park in downtown Cary where they have a “spongy mat” under the various swings and slides. As we were going home we decided to swing on by Kid2Kid in Cary to see if they have any shoes with treads. This store was closed, but we did go into Old Navy. Were we ever glad we did. They were having a sale and we were able to get two pairs of shoes (see photo to the left) for Katie with some real good treads. This will give her better traction as she runs around exploring the world…

10:07pm – We tried to put Katie to bed but she is up and running. She wrote on the walls with her crayons (a definite no no). She is crying and screaming in her high chair now. On goes the concert in Vienna on television to soothe her feelings… A drive might be in the forecast tonight!

10:20pm – I decided to play with Katie a bit this evening. Maybe she needs to have daddy play with her each evening before she goes to bed? First we threw some balls around out on the patio. Then we played a game where she assembled her sleeping sacks into various piles. The third game we played is where I chased her around the living room with a blue blanket and wrapped her in it once I caught her. The end result? It’s 10:55pm now and she is fast asleep. Hmmm…too early to draw a conclusion on this but it sure makes you think.

1) Katie got a couple of pairs of shoes at Old Navy…shoes with good treads for running around in.

2) We might have to get a Crayola Crayon Costume for Katie this Halloween.