Day #537 (Fri., June 24, 2011) – Cathy’s First Day

We were watching an episode of “Oswald” this morning, the one with the sick piano and the ducks crossing the road. Katie went to the bathroom and got her plastic yellow duckie and brought it to me. She said “duck”…so she is learning more and more each day.

2011-06-24 - A New Friend
2011-06-24 - A New Friend

Our new babysitter Cathy started work today. One of the first things she did was go to and clean up Katie’s playyard and take out some of the toys. We appreciated this as the fewer toys Katie has to play with, the less “disorganized” our house will be. Cathy noticed how well along Katie’s speech was…she is able to say a number of various words for a toddler of her age. Cathy should know…she was a pre-school teacher for a number of years.

This evening Katie was putting her baby spoons into a jar. When she was done we all started to clap. She took a bow. We were trying to figure out who taught her this, but we think she picked it up by herself. The Concert in Vienna DVD has the singers bowing after their performance.

7:10pm – I happened to glance over at Katie who was sitting on the couch playing with a plant. She got the plant off of the banister so nothing is safe from her anymore.

Later this evening my wife’s friend Jasmin from New Jersey stopped by for a visit. She brought her little daughter who is 5 days older than Katie. We were a bit worried that Katie wouldn’t want to play or share with her (since it is Katie’s house and toys), but the two got along very well. When Jasmin’s girl saw Katie drinking from a sippy cup she wanted one as well, so we obliged (she usually only drinks from a straw). We also learned that Jasmin was going to be having another baby girl soon…so there will be two girls in the family.

1) Katie has a new friend.