Day #538 (Sat., June 25, 2011) – Lowering The Ice Cream Truck

2:30am and we are all up. Katie started to cry and is “munching” on a glue stick container right now, so perhaps she is teething.

In the “Oswald” episode “Chasing the Ice Cream Truck” there is a segment where Oswald is letting the ice cream truck down via jack after the tire has been changed. Katie laughs and laughs at this for some reason. I have replayed it about 4 times and she only laughs at that segment. I wonder why? Perhaps it is the noise of the jack?

2011-06-25 Bucket & Shovel
2011-06-25 Bucket & Shovel

This afternoon we had a Skype session with my mother. We tried to get Katie to “bow” after a dance like she did for us a few days ago but she was not too cooperative. When she gets frustrated she sometimes just plops herself down on the floor with this “sourpuss” look on her face. She did do something that was rather cute. When she saw that I was talking on the phone she brought one of the wooden animal figures from her playyard and held it up to her ear…like she was on her own special “animal phone”.

After dinner this evening we decided to take Katie out for a run. We find that she is “rather difficult” if she doesn’t get out for her daily run. We ended up at the “Dragon Park” in Cary (see photo to the right). It’s better if the both of us take her as there are a number of areas that she can get hurt. She is so quick and fast that she gets into “stuff” before you know it…so it’s better to have two sets of eyes on her. One person can watch her while the other makes juice or goes after a ball or “whatever”.

On the drive home we gave her the plastic bucket and shovel to play with. This really seems to calm her down and she becomes very talkative. Since she was having so much fun we decided that we would drive around the neighborhood and see all the homes that are up for sale.

1) Katie made a phone out of an animal puzzle piece.