Day #539 (Sun., June 26, 2011) – New First Word?

For the past while Katie’s first word in the morning has been “patch” (meaning to draw or color). This is what she has been obsessed with for quite a while now. This morning she uttered a new word…”puck”…short for “bucket”. She we let her down onto the floor she ran to the living room to get the bucket that she takes to the park or beach. We filled it up with some little balls and she is filling up her bucket with them (and throwing them around) right now. Is it possible the obsession with “patch” has passed? Probably not, but the current pecking order is: (1) “puck”, (2) “patch”, (3) “book”…

Katie has been fussy all morning so this afternoon we decided to take a drive out to Chapel Hill. A drive always seems to calm her down and my wife needs to return a library book anyway. Well, so much for “intentions”…

About a mile into our journey Katie threw up. We had to stop the car and clean her up. Then about 5 miles more down the road she threw up again. Perhaps it is car sickness…but she has been so fussy and crying as of late we figure it is something more… Anyway, she started to calm down after all this activity and the rest of the drive to Chapel Hill was rather calm.

2011-06-26 - Southern Village Park
2011-06-26 - Southern Village Park

After my wife got the “stamp” in her library book we decided to go eat at the Vespa Restaurant. We got a Groupon Coupon a while back and we might as well use it up. Katie enjoyed munching on the thin breadsticks and the waitress brought her some colored pencils so she could “patch” on the paper tablecloth. My wife had salmon and pasta and I had ravioli and Katie had a bit of both. It was a good meal…but I’m sure glad we didn’t need to pay full price for it.

We were thinking of going to Southern Village then to Fearrington Village … but when Katie got sick again we decided to just play in the playground at Southern Village (see photo to the right) then go home.

My wife called up our doctor friend in Charlotte and she said that we should give her plenty of water and watch her temperature.

1) Katie threw up plenty today.