Day #541 (Tue., June 28, 2011) – Healthy Chipmunk

Katie is feeling much better today. She doesn’t cry as much and her temperature seems to be going down. Soon we will have our healthy little chipmunk back and running.

2011-06-28 - A Place For Teddy
2011-06-28 - A Place For Teddy

Our babysitter said that she would like for us to come up with a list of things to do while she is here. We have pretty well let her decide what she wants to do. We appreciate all her help with Katie and don’t want to overburden her with housework or “whatever”. It appears that she likes to be busy and would appreciate us creating a list of things for her to do. Of course Katie takes priority, and if she can keep her entertained and happy that frees up time for my wife and I.

Katie found a place for her teddy as you can tell in the photo to the left…the top of our heater (currently unplugged mind you…it is winter).

The babysitter said that she wouldn’t mind doing some cooking for us. That’s an idea. We have this “lasagna” type recipe made out of eggplant that was simply delish…but we haven’t made it in a while due to lack of time.

This evening Katie had a bath and I sat by to make sure she didn’t fall as she often tries to get up. For some reason the water is cold this evening. Surely we don’t have water heater problems again? My wife made a pot of hot water with the kettle so that warmed it up a bit.

Katie enjoys snuggling up to daddy on the bed, watching “Oswald”, and leafing through my recent copies of Time magazine. When she sees a picture of a “hat” she will tap the top of her head and say “hat”.

1) Katie found a place for her teddy today.