Day #542 (Wed., June 29, 2011) – Microwave Shopping

This afternoon when Katie got tired she went to the nursery door with her sleeping sack and started to bang on it. She wanted to go for a nap. Our babysitter Cathy was surprised at that.

This evening we went shopping for a microwave. First to Lowe’s then to Home Depot. Katie loved roaming around the stores. We took her here when she was a baby but this is the first time that she was old enough to run around. She would run up to various products and touch them. We were surprised that she was as gentle with the products as she was. She especially liked those products that were on display cases. All the same size and neatly displayed…just the thing for someone who loves organization as much as Katie.

2011-06-29 - Tape Display
2011-06-29 - Tape Display

When we finally worked our way to the microwave section in Home Depot we met the microwave salesman. He had a deep barreling voice and a commanding demeanor. Katie would just stare at him…and he actually mentioned it. When he asked her if she wanted to come into his arms she really took a step back and stared. She was not sure what to make of this guy…

It is becoming harder and harder to get Katie to move on from something when she has her heart set on it. If she has her heart set on her bucket and shovel she will cry til she gets it (or we can somehow distract her). When we were at Home Depot this evening she saw a display of tape. They were all of the same size and shape (but some were red and some were blue). She loved organizing and stacking them. Hard to get her away from this display… (see photo to the right).

1) Katie sure loved the organized displays in Home Depot and Lowe’s.