Day #544 (Fri., July 1, 2011) – Brass Band Concert

When Katie crawled into the bed to see me this morning we started to “patch”. I put my hand down on the drawing pad and traced it with a crayon. Katie then proceeded to draw around my hand, then put her hand down and draw around that. She is such a copier and picks things up like made these days.

I was sitting in the LazyBoy this afternoon and Katie brought me her plastic fork and spoon. She is so proud of them because she uses them all the time when she eats.

2011-07-01 - Cary Band
2011-07-01 - Cary Band

We went to the Brass Band Concert at Bond Park this evening. Katie had a great time but started to get fussy after about an hour. You can see the band in action in the photo to the right.

When I was taking Katie out of the car this evening she started to scream and cry til I gave her a ball. It’s getting harder and harder to get her out of the car without a toy of some kind.

When Katie was climbing the stairs this evening she put her hand on the side of the stairwell and helped herself to climb upstairs. This is the first time she did that.

1) Katie got to see the Cary Band in action this evening.