Day #545 (Sat., July 2, 2011) – KidsTowne

Katie had us up and down for most of the night. She would just wake up crying. Perhaps she is teething. She finally went to bed at 5am and we got up at 12 noon for breakfast! Our clocks are all messed up…we don’t whether it’s morning or afternoon or evening or what…

We called my mother this afternoon via phone and Skype. Katie was running around and mom was amazed at how much she has grown. My sister came and so she was able to see Katie as well.

2011-07-02 - KidsTowne
2011-07-02 - KidsTowne

This evening we decided to go to a playground in Apex called “KidsTowne”. It had a lot of wooden structures that Katie enjoyed running around (see photo to the right). The main wooden structure had a ship’s bow on one end so I guess it was supposed to be a boat? There was a bucket and shovel in the sandbox so Katie enjoyed playing with those. I helped her heap some sand on top of a green tractor til is was no longer visible. At one end of the structure was a series of pipes and hammers that you could hit. It would play the musical scale…but one of the pipes was broken so it wasn’t perfect.

As we were leaving the park Katie started to cry. This is the first time she did that, so either she is growing up and recognizing the fact that she is going home or really liked this park.

When we got home there was another version of Lawrence Welk waiting for us on the TiVo. This was the Hawaii special and there were all sorts of energetic songs that Katie loved (i.e.: Hawaiian War Chant with Sandy and Sally). I got up and danced with one of the tap dance songs and Katie howled with delight.

1) Katie sure loved “KidsTowne” this evening.