Day #548 (Tue., July 5, 2011) – Doctor + Lawyer

We went to the doctor this morning so Katie could get her checkup. The nurse checked her out initially but wrote down the wrong measurement for the size of her head. When the doctor came in she had to remeasure her. Here are Katie’s particulars: 33.5″ (90th percentile), 25 lbs 3 oz (60th percentile). There was a mix up so we need to come back in a couple of weeks so that the nurse can give her a shot.

2011-07-05 - Katie At The Doctor
2011-07-05 - Katie At The Doctor

Katie loved playing in the waiting room of the doctor’s office. They have an aquarium so she would point at it and say “fish”. There was this magnetic doll with various thin metal clothes you could attach to her. Katie enjoyed stacking all the clothes in her hands and then bringing them to daddy to inspect. Once we were in the waiting room Katie would point to the door and say “door”…first time we heard her say that word. You can see Katie pointing to a duck in the photo to the right.

This afternoon my wife and I left Katie with the babysitter and went to see a lawyer about setting up a will. It will cost $400 but we would rather have this done by professionals rather than doing it ourselves. She wanted to know all the particulars of our estate and stuff like that. It will take her a while to draw up the papers so we plan to go back in a couple of weeks to actually sign the paperwork.

This evening we drove to some public gardens near the State Fair building in Raleigh. It’s a nice little place and Katie enjoyed running around but we started to feel raindrops soon after we arrived. We decided to come home in case it started to rain…and we were sure glad we did.

1) Katie had another doctor’s visit today.