Day #549 (Wed., July 6, 2011) – The Seahorse Sculpture

When Katie was looking at the “Sound of Music” this afternoon she started to say “horse”. She usually says this when she sees a horse…but there were no horses in the scene. Then we realized that there was a seahorse sculpture down near the water. That little chipmunk has great eyes.

2011-07-06 - Floor Crayons
2011-07-06 - Floor Crayons

It was raining again this evening so we couldn’t go out. Katie sure misses these excursions outside, so we have to make sure that we play with her extra on those days that we don’t go out.

Katie is branching out. She is finding new media to “patch” onto. Take a look at the floor outside our 2nd bathroom in the photo to the left.

This evening when Katie was taking a bath she started to play with her bath toy that was hanging on the wall. She pointed to the swing and hit it so that it would swing back and forth and said “whee”…the same sound I make when I push her in the swing in the playyard. She then realized that the overall structure was shaped like a tree and said “tree”. She is getting smarter and brighter by the day.

Katie is starting to realize when my wife plans to take her to bed. She will try to run away but to no avail. She will cry for a bit, but if she is tired she will be to sleep before you know it.

1) Katie has the eyes of a hawk when it comes to noticing horses.