Day #550 (Thu., July 7, 2011) – The Flower Garden

2011-07-07 - Fancy Restroom
2011-07-07 - Fancy Restroom

It was a rough night. Katie had us up in the middle of the night and soon after she was back to bed the HOA lands crew was by to trim a few trees. Not sure how Katie could sleep through all that racket but she did. Once Katie got up we all had breakfast and I took care of Katie while my wife went back to bed.

Eventually I asked Katie if she wanted some berries. She said “No, no, no”. I then asked if she wanted to give daddy a kiss and she really said “No, No, No”!

This evening we went back to the gardens we visited on Thursday. We had more success this time…at least it didn’t hint of rain til just before we left. We saw one of the prettiest restroom areas we have ever seen (see photo to the left), and Katie loved running around and touching all the flowers. Once in a while we would have to stop her from picking off the petals, but she was good for the most part. I will have to remember this place…I feel safe in taking Katie here by myself as there is no swing set to run into or cliff to dive off of or roadway to wander onto.

1) Katie sure enjoys her flowers.