Day #561 (Mon., July 18, 2011) – Keep The Large Stones

Katie and I were playing on the bed this morning. I would write out a word in English and draw a picture of it. Tree, hat, ball, plane, train, etc. She really liked it…and it is a good way for her to learn how to spell and identify specific items with their words. I was thinking…it might be a great idea to do this in Chinese? I came across this Chinese Learning Program for Kids. Maybe we should get it for Katie?

2011-07-18 - Glider
2011-07-18 - Glider

Katie is putting the rocks and acorns that we picked up yesterday into her mouth so we are constantly having to take them away from her. She can see our concern on our face (i.e.: choking hazard) and thinks it is funny. I’ve been trying to come up with a solution to the problem. I was driving to the Dollar Store this afternoon to see if they had some small plastic blocks or something to substitute then I came up with the idea…why not just let Katie keep the large stones. If you take all the stones away from her she will only want them all the more. She won’t be able to choke on the large ones and can still organize them and put them into her bucket and such.

This evening we went to Moe’s for a Joey Burrito and then to Bond Park to fly a glider (see photo to the right) that I picked up for Katie at the Dollar Store a while back. She calls it a “pain” (for plane). She was entertained with it for about 10 seconds and then went back to picking up rocks and looking for the ducks. At this age I guess that planes and gliders and such are more fascinating for daddy.

1) Katie calls a plane “pain”.