Day #565 (Fri., July 22, 2011) – The Bedroom Refuge

As she gets older Katie is expecting her dose of “Oswald” in our bedroom on a more frequent basis. In fact, if you don’t give it to her she will throw the remote control at you with that “What’s wrong with you…you know what I want” look on her face. Our bedroom is also an area that Katie loves to bring her toys and books and munched on crayons and uneaten cheese sticks and “whatever”. I’ll let that image sink in a bit … so you can imagine what it is looking like.

2011-07-22 - New Chair
2011-07-22 - New Chair

I’m continuing to draw little pictures of “things” and put the word below it. I figure that it will help Katie to learn her words. I might do this in Chinese too one day…

Katie has made a chair out of the stepping stool as you can see in the photo to the right.

We went to Moe’s for a Joey Jr. burrito this evening and Katie was flirting with everyone. There was this shy little boy that Katie would point at and say “bay-bee”. He would turn his head and Katie would keep at him. “bay-bee”…”bay-bee”…

It was a real scorcher today so we decided to not go to the park but go straight home and have a dip in our inflatable pool. I put in 6 buckets of water this time. Katie enjoyed filling up her cups with the water and pouring it over the edge of the pool. She would then look at you with this “devilish smile”. What a mess she makes…and she enjoys it too.

1) Katie loves to throw the remote control at you if she wants the channel changed.