Day #566 (Sat., July 23, 2011) – The Thomas The Train Exhibit

Another Skype session with my mother this morning. Katie was roaming around like mad…it was hard to keep the webcam on her. Katie would go down to her nursery and bring something out to the living room. My mother was fascinated as to what she would “bring out next”.

2011-07-23 - Thomas The Train
2011-07-23 - Thomas The Train

My wife wanted to work on her thesis this evening so I took Katie out by myself. We went to the small mall that has the Thomas The Train railway exhibit. This time the hobby store was open so Katie got to go inside and actually play with it (see photo to the left). She found it fascinating, but when she moved over to touching the various china figurines I knew that it was time to move on.

We ended up in Roses. Katie was getting tired of running around by now so I put her in a shopping cart and pushed her around. She saw a boy playing with one of the balls in the store so I had to distract her onto something else.

Just after we left Roses I heard this loud “Crack”…thunder and lightning is on the way. I quickly bundled Katie up and we “almost” made it to the car. She got a little wet but it was hard to put her into her car seat and I got rather wet. I figured we had better drive right home…I didn’t want her to be in wet clothes in case she got sick.

1) Katie loves the thunder and lightning.