Day #567 (Sun., July 24, 2011) – Red Toy Dumptruck

This morning I asked Katie if she wanted to come see daddy. She was willing…but when I said “Give daddy a kissy” she said “No…”.

We started to think about the banister in our townhouse and how to keep Katie from climbing up on it. It seems that there is plexiglass available, but that would make our house look like a jail. I came up with another idea that I think just might work. They have door and window alarms available that will go off when the connection is broken. I could put one end of the sensor on a string and connect the string to the wall. In this way, if Katie happened to put a chair up to the banister and grab at the string (or fishing wire) the alarm would go off. This is no substitute for watching her mind you…but a “last resort” measure.

2011-07-24 - Red Toy Dumptruck
2011-07-24 - Red Toy Dumptruck

The only other issue is the loudness of the alarm. It is 110 decibels…which they say will give a robber a heart attack. We don’t want to scare Katie…just warn us. I found another alarm system that had a “chime” mode…so when it goes off it sounds like a doorbell. This sounds like it will work just great.

This evening my wife wanted to work so I took Katie to the Thomas The Train Display in the local mall. We also went to Roses, a nearby department store. I saw a nice red toy dumptruck for $5.00 (see photo to the right). Katie said “tuck” right away. I decided to get it for her…she doesn’t have anything to store all her rocks and then “dump” them out into another container.

1) Katie now has a red toy dumptruck to store her rocks.