Day #568 (Mon., July 25, 2011) – Two Groundhogs

I stopped off at a garden store today to see if they had any tomato plants. They didn’t…but I did get some pea and zucchini seeds. We have tomato planters that hopefully will produce some fruit…even though it is rather late in the season. I see that they have a couple of groundhogs in a cage near the cash registers. The poor animals were sweating like mad in the heat…

2011-07-25 - Watching Oobi
2011-07-25 - Watching Oobi

My wife was telling me that while Katie was sleeping she went downstairs to work on her thesis. She told our babysitter, Kathy, what to feed her when she got up, and this provided her with extra amount of time to work.

Katie sure loves her Oobi and Oswald. You can see a photo of her watching Oobi in the photo to the right.

It was raining this evening so we stayed home. We had a hard time putting Katie to sleep…she went to bed at 10:30pm. I find that if I tickle her and wrestle with her a bit she will get tired out and it makes it that much easier to put her to bed.

We were thinking of getting an Oswald DVD so that Katie could watch it out in the living room…but then we had second thoughts. Let’s make Oswald something that we only watch in the bedroom. It will be that much more special to Katie as a result.

1) Katie would sure enjoy seeing the two groundhogs in the nearby nursery.